The Frogs That Can Type YouTube Channel has three episodes out there. But we need four to launch the channel. Do you have any ideas of what our last video should be about? Let me know, and I will make it!

The videos are all going to be about Minecraft (thank you, Microsoft!) Make sure your suggestions are about Minecraft.

At home, I am caring for a sick toad named Hiberfraid. He can’t eat by himself, so we have to help him eat. He is very slow, and doesn’t move very much. But he seems content with his life. We slip him in the water pond in the cage every day to get him wet. He likes that.

In the same cage, we have a growing green frog named Sabalee. He gets bigger every time I see him. He’s very active and loves to eat mealworms. He’s always hungry. He spends most of his time in the pond.

And that is our blog post!

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